Dog breeds for apartments

Sooner or later, almost every child in the family starts asking for a pet. Most of the time, it falls on cats or dogs. And then the question arises which breed is more suitable for the role of a friend for a child and family in general. Today we will try to answer the question which dog breeds are most suitable for an apartment.

The best dogs for an apartment. How to choose?

Whatever breed the dog is, you need to know the general rules for its acquisition.

So what to look for

Dimensions of the dog

Small breeds of dogs for apartments (small and small) are an excellent choice (although country houses have not been canceled). They will feel comfortable, but they will also walk in a small area (for example, in a park, or on the lawn near the house). However, there is an exception, for example, bigley. Despite their agility and agility, they also adapt very well in small spaces.

Dog breed activity

This quality is perhaps even more important than the size of the pet. So, hunting dogs and, for example, Dobermans are better to buy if you live in a country house and there is an aviary or a large yard available. Smaller breeds, suitable for an apartment. There is an exception, though. For example, St. Bernards are not quite a small dog, but at the same time they fit well into a residential apartment or a small private house.

Dog behavior

There are breeds of dogs that are loud enough, in which case it does not matter, you need to provide noise isolation in the apartment so as not to annoy the neighbors. Although in most cases this applies to dogs of small dimensions.

Dog grooming rules

When buying a dog, you need to answer in advance how much time you will devote to your pet. After all, some breeds require more care, this also applies to dogs with long hair. Will there be disagreements later in connection with the daily cleaning.


All pets, regardless of breed, need the attention of the owner, but if the fast breeds want more, when the owner goes to visit or will, for example, at work. Although even in this case, you do not need to forget about your pet for a long time.

Dogs for the apartment

When choosing a pet, you should focus on its natural qualities rather than size, but at the same time, an important point should not be overlooked and forgotten. Let’s take a look at some dog breeds that are more suitable for urban living.
Small dogs for an apartment

Yorkshire Terrier

One of the most successful breeds for living in an apartment. The dog is quite clean, practically odorless, and, importantly, does not shed. If desired, she can be toilet trained in the tray. However, she needs a lot of daily attention, otherwise she can become harmful and naughty.


Quite a good option for a pet, but you need to know that they are playful, active and require a lot of attention.

Also, due to their small size, they can easily injure or damage, for example, a foot. In this connection, it is necessary, if possible, to protect the pet from contact with a variety of household items (especially sharp ones). And also remove objects that may fall on the dog and cause harmful objects to it. Here is a detailed description of Chihuahua care.

French Bulldog

One of the best qualities of this breed is its gentle disposition and poise. They are quiet enough and do not make noise in vain, but if necessary, warn the owner about an unexpected visit. At the same time, dogs snore, so it will not be very convenient with them in the same room.

Boston terrier

This breed of quadrupeds is a kind of aristocracy due to some character traits. They are very delicate and soft. Quiet, not prone to loud barking and conflict. Also another advantage is that, unlike, for example, this breed does not have an increased level of salivation.

Dogs for a medium-sized apartment


Dogs of this breed quickly find a common language with children. A good option for purchasing a city apartment. They do not need heavy loads and feel great in small areas. A half-hour walk twice a day will be enough for them. At the same time, this breed is thermophilic and, if it is not provided with a warm place in the apartment, it will get sick.


Whichever subspecies you choose (be it Scottish, Irish or English) they will all be endowed with similar qualities of character and behavior. At one time they were bred as hunting dogs. They are clean, calm and well suited for purchasing an apartment. Short, but daily walks will be enough for them. The dog is absolutely not aggressive and easily converges with both children and adults.

Big dogs for an apartment

German Shepherd

If a shepherd dog is properly raised from childhood, it is quite suitable for living in a city apartment. At the same time, this breed is quite large, so a one-room apartment is not quite a suitable option. Also, the pet needs daily walks in spacious areas, so it is better if there is a park, forest nearby, or the owner will not be lazy to take long walks with the dog.

German dog

This breed is not entirely suitable for living in an apartment, but in some cases an exception can be made. If the pet is provided with daily walks and a sufficient amount of fresh air in the territory of a spacious apartment, it will quite take root and behave quite imposingly and calmly. For sleeping, it is better for him to organize a separate place with a sofa, since they are lovers of being on a kind of elevations.


An excellent choice for keeping in a city apartment. Get along very well with both adults and children. Despite their size, activity and sometimes quite stormy life, dogs are very soft and affectionate and do not create any discomfort even in not very large apartments. They are very fond of attention, so you should not leave them alone for a long period of time. Puppies, however, are a bit troublesome, require daily long, active walks and communication. Otherwise, they may be capricious, which will manifest itself, for example, in damage to furniture.

So what are the best dogs for an apartment? There is, perhaps, no definite answer. Everything is very individual and depends on many factors, whether the size of the pet, its disposition, the purpose with which the dog is acquired, the conditions and size of the apartment where it will live, and so on, and so on. Large dogs will be appropriate for a spacious apartment, they are also well suited for a large family who likes to spend time outside the house (for example, at picnics). Small ones will be a kind of decoration for a small apartment, especially if a person lives alone or there are children.

In short, all breeds of dogs, whether they are purchased for an apartment or a private house, are very different and in each case it is necessary to select for themselves.

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